Sunday, November 12, 2006

Other people's Gomoto Experiences

I have not been very active on this blog for about a month. This has mainly been due to the fact that I sometimes struggle to balance work-life, family-life, and the life required by my dreams. The Gomoto-blog fits into my dream life, and it took a back-seat for a while.

An interesting phenomenon that has been happening though, is that people e-mail me with their experiences of their Gomotos and some even ask me for advice because they are considering investing in a Gomoto. I am really enjoying this. I also get quite a number of hits every week from people who searched Google for "Gomoto" or "Gomoto Motorcycles".

Up until now my advice has been very positive. Yes! By all means, go ahead and buy it! You will really enjoy it. I say this because I am enjoying my Gomoto, not because anybody has asked me to say this.

A week or so ago I received this e-mail from Daniel Dobinson. Daniel has commented on my blog before. He is also a proud owner of a Gomoto. He gave me permission to publish his e-mail on my blog as long as I take responsibility for the spelling mistakes (Fortunately Firefox 2 has a built-in spell checker).
Hey Weiers

Well, remember I told you that i bought a Gomoto-just like yours! Well, its also red but has the mags on the wheels. Thought I'd update you about my thoughts on it(I've run out of work!)

Well, firstly, it's just as fun as any other bike I've had! I was really surprised to find that a tiny engine and old school bike could be so much fun. I've owned a 250cc motocross bike and a CBR400 before and I think it's really just the freedom (from traffic jams?) a bike gives you thats so wonderful.

I've fitted it with a bike box so now the only inconvenience of motorcycling has been
removed. I can now go for runs after work, do some limited shopping and go to the beach with all my paraphernalia stuffed in the back.

I've done 1000km on it so its first free service is due. I have reservations about the type of service that I'll get from 2 wheel mecca, because so far its been a bit on the slack side. My complaints are thus: the front fender came with a weird stain on it that can't be removed. The sales guy assured me it will be replaced on the first service but I'll wait and see if that occurs.

The alarm (which is endlessly entertaining) has already packed in so I've disconnected it- I hope its under some warranty of sorts cos it's a handy thing to have. The last thing is that my carburetor hasn't been adjusted properly and so I've fiddled with it a bit but have to have the choke on the middle setting for it to run without bogging down after 7000 revs. I have tried to get they guys at 2 wheel mecca to look at it but they've never really fixed it so hopefully the mechanic will be able to to a proper job when i finally get it in for its service.

Well thats it. I'm really happy with it and soon my girlfriend will be riding it to work, in which case I might have to buy one for myself! Just wanted to let you know. I think the Gomoto sales must be booming because I see at least a couple every day on the roads and give them a good toot-tooting as we pass each other. I haven't taken it off road yet but plan on doing so soon!


PS: I a friend recently took part in a rally on a Gomoto... to Oudtshoorn! took him 9
hours apparently.


Anonymous said...

Hi There, I am glad someone has gotten good use from their Gomoto's. We bought a Sprint 125 in Dec 06 , the following has been replaced in 4 months.
Stator assembly replaced
Rectifier regulator replaced
CDI unit replaced
Engine mounting bolts replaced
Carburetor readjusted
All bolts on motorcycle checked and tightened
Petrol tank replaced
Clutch cable readjusted
Tightened front wheel bolts and brake calliper

that was just to start, this has been the biggest mistake of my life, Two wheel mecca are useless and Gomoto have offered to trade the bike in for 6000.00 on condition I pay in ZAR2500.00 on a new scooter ( one of theirs) or the deal is off. so anyway just wanted to tell you that not all gomoto products are " brilliant" and to avoid Two Wheel Mecca at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Hi There, I thought I was the only one having endless problems with a gomoto. Until I came across this website. And am I shocked! I thought my gomuti was cursed. Because every week something would go wrong. It started off with the clutch cable breaking after having it for 2 weeks. I have replaced the cloth cable 4 times R200 a shot. Then the bike fell over 3 times while starting with the remote by accident. The clutch sensor was faulty. Got that sorted.Then the headlight globes started blowing, been through 9 globes, then the rear light blew 7 times - seven globes. Then the indicator globes started blowing, till today same thing happens. Then the back wheel spokes started breaking 1 by 1 - 2 months after buying the bike. The strap that holds the battery broke. The alarm stopped working. I am currently getting an Aluminium Rim fitted. Setting me back R1850. And I need to replace the indicator unit and the Rectifier. So people I have had this bike for 1 year and 5 months and spent a lot off time and money on this bike. This is apparently a common problem with these bikes. O yes and I have been through a couple fuses as well. Anyway It was my decision to buy cheap.

Anonymous said...
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Weiers said...


These stories certainly sound hair raising. I did not experience all these problems and I think I would have been really upset if the same problem had to continually recur. I think I will have to replace the light switch and the indicator switch because my head light has the tendency to go on and off while I drive and this makes it impossible for me to drive at night. I am not sure how much this is going to cost. I wonder what guarantee exists that the problem will not recur.

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.

Apart from these difficulties I have really enjoyed my bike.

Weiers said...

Note: The post that was removed above was a repeat of the previous post.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an archaic reply/question but pls let me know how to deactivate the alarm!? mine works erratically and is a real pain and potential danger.

Thanks! 20550{remove this}9033@ukzn[and this]

Anonymous said...

Hey i bought a gomoto in december 06 and only had a few minor probs.
my indicator bulbs blew about twice, my right mirror broke by just trying to adjust it, my accelerator cable snapped once on my way home and thats about all. i had the bike for about a year and 3 months and it never gave any engine problems and hell i abused that bike like shit. i disconnected the airfilter and rode with a open carb for about 5 months. The induction sound that the bike makes with an open carb is just wonderfull you should try i even if its just for a day. its addictive. it even sounded louder than my vfr400 i have now with a carbon fibre can on. but anyhow my point is that i think gomoto engines are very good because mine never gave probs and i rode my bike like shit. it had 7800kms on it when i sold it

Anonymous said...

finally ive found people that have been having the same problem as what i have been having for about the past 2 years...

Firstly, i also bought my Gomoto Sprint from 2 Wheel Mecca, and by the looks of it, i havnt been the only one that has been taken for a ride. Everything that could possibly (and impossibly) go wrong with a bike, i have gone through. I have basically over the past 2 years, bought the bike back twice.
Just in the first 4 months (and this is just riding 5km/day so wear and tear is a minimal issue)

-the accelertor cable snapped (twice)
-the headlight bulbs, indicator and break lights had to be replaced
-the battery only charged enough to keep the bike going, but not enough to use the electronic starter.
-the break system almost completely failed,
-the ferrings started ratteling loose, even after tightening them, parts used to litterally fall off while riding. The plugs holding the ferrings to the bike actually snapped off. And had to use tape to hold them together until i could get to a dealer.
-cracks started forming on the headlight
-the hooter fell off and went crazy once the wires melted on the exhaust inlet,
-the gears would change by themselves (ie it would drop from 4th to neutral - you can only imagine the over reving it did when that happened)
-the chain needed to be tightened twice an replaced once.
-the rev counter as well as the speedometer stopped working all together, and also the lights showing the headboard fused.
-the gascet on the bike blew 3 times - which now i have had to instal a double gascet which solved the issue)

the people at 2 wheel mecca told me that 'parts where difficult to get' when i came to them with these problems and that they couldnt fix it all...but the funny thing is that once the warrenty ended...the ship must have finally come in, because all the parts were available for a price.
But even when the warrenty was still in, i stopped taking it to the dealers to be serviced and rather used my own guy - who did much better jobs.

The only good thing about the bike is the engine...besides the gascet blowing so many times, its still going.

Anonymous said...

I also have the headlamps continuously blowing....don't have a solution except to replace with another make; seems to be no customer support, even when new. Suggest you avoid 'new' makes.

Anonymous said...

Hi I've bought a gomoto billistic, I feel what a load of crap!!!! First day screws falling out, exhaust fallen off twice, clutch roolers replaced 2000km, exhaust gasket replaced 3 times, exhause has tears, some part of the engine be replaced as screws brock!!!! So on and so on!!!!

Would this end??????

Anonymous said...

Hi I bought in 2010 a gomoto freedom having no problems until now just a small problem when I'm in top gear going up a hill or against the wind at between 4000 and 5000 revs the bike splatters I don't know what is wrong if anyone can help

Anonymous said...

I've had my Gomoto 150 now almost 2 year's and I've had to have the exhaust fixed once as it snapped in half, had it serviced now the right starter switch is no longer so need it replaced, back tyre needs replacing and can u believe it just yesterday the CDI died on me just like that the cost of it I still need to know but hey this is my form of everyday transport i need my wheels so pay I must and im very happy with my sexy gomoto.

Anonymous said...

I have bought a gomoto naked balistic.
In the past year iv had to replace the bearing twice and the timing is continuously shifting out of sink.
Does anybody know of a decent machanic that wont rip me off

Anonymous said...

Hi all

I bought a Gomoto intruder 250cc in 2011 and have been riding it since.

The bike still rides like a dream even though l had a bad accident in 2012 (it was my fault l skipped a stop sign). I had the bike rebuilt by folks at Cyberbike in Linden, South Africa.

My only problem with Gomoto is original parts availability, am riding without farings and they had to get compatible parts from other bikes like Bashan.(Cyberbike has great mechanics and they give options and always make a plan for parts)

The engine is very strong the bike can move, l get about 145km/hr on the freeway. Am sure this is due to the after market exhaust fitted by Cyberbike. While my headlights never blew up, they are just not bright enough at night.

I have never had problems with the engine and the bike is over 4 years old now.

But l think it's time to sell my intruder and upgrade to a bigger bike like a Honda nc750x as l am too big for my intruder now (R 9000.00) If anyone is interested drop me a mail at

justathought said...

Bought a second hand Gomoto Naked ballistic 150cc with barely 250 km on the clock. Drove it 30km a day as daily commute. Sofar I had to replace a head gasket, rings twice, its exhaust has sprung a leak twice, the baffler is loose, gear pully broke and had to be replaced, togeather with bearings, valve timing has to be readjusted every 1000km as it goes out easily. Its starting to lose oil now with no visible leak and no oil burn visible in exhaust fumes. Flicker unit had to be replaced, the brake fluid level indicator glasses are perishing ( i always park in the shade). The central stand spring doesnt work, the kick starter broke after only a few times use.

Summary, I'm looking now for another fool to buy it from me so I can buy a car. I cannot afford to be off womrk every fortnight!!!

justathought said...

sorry that was only 2 years of commuting. It has 10 000 km on now and has been serviced every 2000 km...

Unknown said...

If bought a gomoto scooter 2nd hand kit refs up and sounds oraait but as soon as you want to ride it has no power and dob want to go. Can some one please tell me what can be the problem. you can email me at

Danie Swart said...

If bought a gomoto scooter 2nd hand kit refs up and sounds oraait but as soon as you want to ride it has no power and dob want to go. Can some one please tell me what can be the problem. you can email me at

Hainrich . N. Lottering said...

Hey guys..... Can someone please tell me how to remove the seat of my Gomoto 200zr..... The battery is totally dead and I struggled to get to it.... Please help... Hainrich

Unknown said...

Hi guys, my 250 gomoto refuses to run, I'm sure it's starving for fuel or something but it just cuts out after a while and over heats very quickly, any advice?