Monday, May 19, 2008

Altech Autopage Somerset West Update

It did take a while, but I eventually got the attention of somebody at the Altech Autopage Shop in Somerset West who was able to address my service problem in a way that gave me some insight into what was happening and with very good results. When the right person got onto the case I received 4 e-mails in three days indicating what was being done to solve the problem.

It does seem as though a third party service agency had not managed the repair of my cellphone very well. They are still waiting for a spare part after 11 weeks. They have also not been communicating very well with the Altech Autopage people in Somerset West.

I don't know what had to happen to accomplish this, but the last e-mail that I received gave me the option of waiting for them to fix the phone or accepting a new phone from them.

The new phone that is being offered is a Sony Ericksson K810i. It seems as though I will now be able to listen to music and take pictures with my phone while I do road trips with my Gomoto. I should receive the phone some time during this week.

I must admit that I am quite pleased. It has been frustrating to wait so long for a resolution to my issue with a broken phone, but I feel that the company eventually dealt with the situation very well and I feel that I could recommend them to my friends as people who do provide reasonably good service.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Altech Autopage Somerset West

I interrupt the silence on my blog to just complain a bit.

In the three years that I have lived in Somerset West, I have had nothing but bad service from the Cell Phone company that I subscribe to.

Just over a year ago I blogged about my new Sony Erickson M600i cell phone. (This little phone always accompanied me when I drove on my Gomoto. It provided me with good music and entertainment.)

The phone broke in February. The touch screen stopped working and navigating the phone became extremely arduous. (I had read about this problem in reviews about the phone and did not pay it much heed. Now I am affected by it.)

So on 29 February 2008 I ventured down to Altech Autopage in Somerset West, Main Road (Also known as Kalstra) to hand in my favorite phone. I did not realise that I would be seperated from my phone for a long period of time. The shop did not have a loan phone and said that I should just find another phone for myself while they fixed this one.

Anway. It is now 1 May. More than 8 weeks have passed. I have made numerous phone calls and visited the shop personally. And I still have absolutely no indication of where my phone is. Have they lost it? Are they waiting for a spare part to come in? Why has it not been fixed?

I am given no information and absolutely no promises. Each time I contact them they say that they need to wait until Tuesday to see if the phone comes in. Then Tuesday comes, they don't call me to give me a report. I call them, and I am told that it might be ready the next week.

I am disgusted with the service. The people who run the shop are rude and will only respond when I become upset with them.

I hope that anybody who reads this will be wiser than me. Listen to the experiences of other people and do not do business with:

Altech Autopage Cellular
No. 1 Hole in the Wall Centre
Main rd. Somerset West
Tel: (021) 852 9955.

They are not serious about keeping their customers. I have two contracts with them. I will be cancelling one this month, and I cannot wait for the next one to come to the end of its term so that I can move to somebody else who will serve me better.