Monday, May 19, 2008

Altech Autopage Somerset West Update

It did take a while, but I eventually got the attention of somebody at the Altech Autopage Shop in Somerset West who was able to address my service problem in a way that gave me some insight into what was happening and with very good results. When the right person got onto the case I received 4 e-mails in three days indicating what was being done to solve the problem.

It does seem as though a third party service agency had not managed the repair of my cellphone very well. They are still waiting for a spare part after 11 weeks. They have also not been communicating very well with the Altech Autopage people in Somerset West.

I don't know what had to happen to accomplish this, but the last e-mail that I received gave me the option of waiting for them to fix the phone or accepting a new phone from them.

The new phone that is being offered is a Sony Ericksson K810i. It seems as though I will now be able to listen to music and take pictures with my phone while I do road trips with my Gomoto. I should receive the phone some time during this week.

I must admit that I am quite pleased. It has been frustrating to wait so long for a resolution to my issue with a broken phone, but I feel that the company eventually dealt with the situation very well and I feel that I could recommend them to my friends as people who do provide reasonably good service.

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