Monday, September 01, 2008


Well, it is two months since I sold my Gomoto for R1600.00. At the time that I sold it the frame had begun to rust (because I made it sleep outside too many nights). The battery was flat and the back tyre had a puncture. The state of disrepair was partly the result of me not looking after the bike as I should. I had allowed the stresses and strains of my life to take over and this was even visible on this blog.

I have decided to try something new. I moved to Northern Ireland. I live in a small town, Banbridge in County Down. I work as a pastor of two congregations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Twice a week I drive to Larne, another small town on the County Antrim coast. On the way there I drive past this garden feature on one of the roundabouts (We call them "Traffic Circles" in South Africa). It always makes me think of my days on the Gomoto and I really do miss them.

I will probably begin a new blog soon and post a link here. Exactly what theme it will take is still uncertain, but I am playing with the idea of toilets and toilet paper. I might call it "2-Ply". I doubt that many people would read it, but I need a place to document some of my experiences.

For now, I can only thank Gomoto for the good experience I had on one of their bikes. One day I'll return and buy myself a new one. Thanks to all my readers. I hope you enjoy your Gomoto's and please try to be adventurous as possible on them.

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Jonathan Carter said...

You should get a bike again :)

I also sold my gomoto about a month ago. I hope that I'll be able to afford a nice bike by December.

Simone said...

Waiting for that Link