Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Baggage Management : Light Travel

As with almost all things relating to motorcycles, I have absolutely no experience with motorcycle baggage management systems.

Except for a quick Google search which brought me to the conclusion that a traditional set of bags (on the side, on the back, on the tank) could almost cost me as much as the motorbike cost in the beginning.

Which means that I need to keep looking, or think creatively. As I was driving a bus full of school kids through town on Friday I saw a delivery motorbike not unlike my Gomoto with a large plastic crate on it, the kind that you buy in plastic shops. I think it holds about 50 litres of water.

That would be my last resort. In the mean time I will continue searching for baggage systems that might be affordable. I will also treasure lists of stuff that a person can take to make travel lighter. Like this one.

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