Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Electrical Quirks

My Gomoto's next service is at 4000km.

There is something strange happening to the electrical system on my motorbike. Sometimes the small lights that light up the rev counter goes off for some reason. Then when I look again, it is on again. While I was travelling through the fog on my way to Worcester the other day my emergency flickers did not want to go on. But I discovered that if I first put on the left flicker, and then the right flicker, and then tried the emergency switch, they would work.

Some people would be at the Gomoto shop complaining. Perhaps I need to go visit the friendly shop owner down at the Strand.

But for some reason I'm not really concerned. I'll just go on my adventures anyway, and wait for the 4000km service.

(And hope the bike does nor break down when I come close to Mali. ... Mnnn ... come to think about it. I'm not quite sure what I would do if my bike had to break down on a trip.)


Michelle said...

I reckon parking the Gomoto outside in the rain is doing it - but the solution? Take it apart, put it back together again, and then you'll know both where everything goes, and what is wrong when it happens.

Weiers said...

I'm sure I will get the opportunity to do that. But I'll wait until I've finished paying for the Gomoto before I do that :-) In that way I could always buy a new one if I mess this one up completely :-).

Francois Stemmet said...

Die “hazards” wat eers werk as die flikkers aangesit word, oplossing: Koop ‘n “HD 12 Tridon Stant Relay” by Midas, en daai flikkers en Hazards Rock soos Disco ligte!

Weiers said...

Het jy dit self gedoen Francois? Presies hoe werk dit? Ek het juis op die oomblik 'n verder probleem dat my motorfiets-ligte aan en af gaan net wanneer hulle wil.

Ek moet definitief 'n bietjie meer begin leer oor die fiets se draadwerk.