Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting Smaller

I am not the smallest of people, thanks to very unwise addiction to MacDonalds and Spur food. But I am also under the impression that the sizes of the standard Gomoto motorcycle gear is also not exactly measured for the average South African.

When I tried to buy a helmet from their store, their largest size did not fit around my head. I also asked for an Extra Large Gomoto riding suit. But I could never fit into the pants very comfortably. The poppers kept popping open around my waste.

Until today that is! I put my Gomoto riding suit on for some photos (watch the blog for a few samples), and it fitted around my waste without me having to feel like I am in a corset. It would seem that one month of cooking my own food, in stead of eating out frequently is paying off. Now imagine if I actually added some good exercise!

I should actually take note of the kilometer reading on my Gomoto and use it to keep track of my weight loss.


Michelle said...

Yay! Congratulations on shrinking. Nice feeling, isn't it.

Weiers said...

It is a magnificent feeling. I should however try to build some muscle as well to replace the flab. (By the way... just scanned the blog of Accidental Mother: and I am becomming quite convinced that you cannot run a bona fide blog without reporting on your weight every two or three months :-)

Wayne said...

Losing some of those unwanted kilos is truly one of life's great successes! An even greater one is changing your address, and going the "weighless" protection programme so that those pesky kilos never find you again!!!!