Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Road Trip Photos (2)

This is my Motorbike in front of the backpacker lodge in Struisbaai. Inside the bag is my tent, sleeping bag, blow-up mattrass, gas stove, food, clothes, toiletries... etc. It must have weighed 16 kilograms.

I'm thinking it will be nice if I asked a welder to weld together a frame that I can bolt onto my carrier rack at the back that is just big enough for the bag in this picture. The frame can include a back-rest for me and a flat area above the black bag on which I can tie another small bag (or sleeping bag or mattrass). I can then mount this black bag onto the frame with a metal cable or a set of locks. I could even pull a canvass over the whole frame to protect the load from rain. Or to keep it out of reach of inquisitive eyes.

This is my bike, without it's load at the tip of Africa. I could technically have driven it to the actual monument, just 50 metres further, but there were tourists, and there were big stakes in the rocks to prevent cars from going through. So I decided to be considerate.

And below are photos of the backpackers lodge that I stayed in:

(This is the door to the TV-Lounge and the Office. Conveniently marked with a pen and arrows.)

This is where everybody hangs out.

The fire-place.

Visitors are encouraged to write messages on the wall. This caught my attention for obvious reasons.

The dormitory room that I slept in. I am a dormitory dean and the furniture inspired me.


Will and Steph Sario said...

Great blog! My husband and I own a 1,000 cc Suzuki VStrom. We bought it 2 weeks ago and have already put almost 1,000 miles on it. Before we bought this big, powerful motorcycle however, my husband was looking into buy a 100 cc honda scooter (I don't know the specifics) to ride to Alaska (we live in California) with his good friend. Although he went for the bigger, more comfortable bike, he still loves the idea of taking a small bike all around the world. I can't wait to show him your blog and all your travels! Thank you!

Weiers said...

Hi Steph! That is exciting! Sometimes I become jealous of these large machines motoring past me when I am on the road, but most of the time I really enjoy my little 125cc. I am quite new to the world of biking and urge you to visit often and make your input. I can certainly learn a lot.

And when your husband does that "around the world trip" with the small bike; count me in!