Sunday, March 04, 2007

5600km New Solid Rims for my Gomoto

I got my Gomoto back from its latest visit to the Bike Shop on Friday.

I would now describe it as a mixed breed Gomoto as it's rear wheel now sports a solid Rim. While the front wheel still reminds me that it is an older model with a spoked wheel.
With this I hope that we can hail in a new era with less worries and more enjoyment.

Some notes on the experience of changing the wheel:


Wed 14 February: I drive over a speed hump with a passenger and the spokes break.
I spend two days talking to Scooter World to establish that the wheel can in fact be changed and that parts are available.

Friday 16 February: I deliver my Gomoto at Scooter World and I am told that the parts would arrive during the next week. I leave for a work meeting at Hartenbos and only enquire about the progress on Friday 23 February. I am told that the parts are still on their way.

Wednesday 28 February: I am told that the parts had arrived and that the work would be done on Thursday, 1 March.

Friday 2 March: I had many work commitments on Thursday, so I only inquire about the Gomoto on Friday. It is done and I get to drive it home.

This break-down caused my Gomoto to be off the road for 16 days. This is much better than the previous breakdown of the exact same nature that took more than 6 weeks to resolve, and then only partially (Because the bike broke again 8 weeks later.)


I have the invoice that glob Trading (Pty) Ltd issued to Scooter World for the parts that were replaced:

Wheel Rr Damper Rubber Mag Freedom Net Price: R144.74
Wheel Rr solid sprocket Freedom: R100.00
Wheel Rr Sprocket Hubb Solid Freedom R184.21
Wheel Rr Sprocket Nutsbolts solid Freedom R 60.00
Wheel Rr Rim solid complete Freedom R504.39
Wheel Rr Brake drum assy R111.00
Wheel Rr. Brake Shoe set Freedom R 30.70

Total (incl VAT) R1293.94

Scooter World added the following charges to the invoice:

Back 18" tyre R158.00
18" tube R61
Labour R120

Total Cost to myself (incl. Vat) R1680.00

Observations on Price:

Scooter world only charged R120 for the labour!
Scooter World did not add any mark-up to the parts!

I must say that it is still an expensive procedure, given the fact that I paid R7500.00 for the motorbike. I sometimes wonder if I should not have fixed the spokes and found somebody to buy the motorbike for R5000 and then have bought myself a new Gomoto for R7000.00.

Customer Service:

cooter World in the Strand is under new management and it is noticeable. I felt that the service was very professional and friendly. My calls were always returned. Answers were factual and every time that a promise was made, it was kept.

When I took my motorbike in its headlight was pointing sky-ward after my attempts to get the new indicators installed. When I received the bike back, the headlamp was adjusted to its correct position.

The owner seemed very open and approachable. He allowed me to take the motorbike and to pay him by internet bank transfer.

They also tried their best to keep the costs as low as possible for me, which I greatly appreciate.

Anyway. I think one ordeal is over. I look forward to my next adventurous trip. I might be able to take a day off in a week or so. I look forward to experiencing my newly acquired Freedom :-).


Ricardo said...

Hey there, I really enjoy the blog and your adventures on your Gomoto 125. Against my better judgment as with all things that help us grow I bought a 125 scooter/bike a few days ago. When I first saw “her”, the her in question being a Sachs MadAss 125. Here is a link to the little devil in question
Yes people may laugh at it being a BMX on steroids but what could I do, I am sure once you saw your bike you knew that it was the one for you and no amount of logical thinking or priorities around functionality leapt into your mind. She is my very first two wheeled form of transport. I am twenty three years old and felt like I was becoming complacent with life in general, I needed a new way to interact with my environment. I am by no means a “biker” at heart, that is to say I did not dream of a Harley at age three, but once I saw her (I really will come up with a name soon) I could no longer deny something deep inside my psyche saying “go for it!” And in any case, what are pay checks for!?
I took out a little loan and bought her for around R15.000 with tax. Bought me a decent little lid, Shark 500 Air, and some gloves that make me look more hardcore than I could ever really be (carbon fiber on the knuckles and finger joints real snazzy) I am in the process of trying to find me some boots, pants and jacket that won’t have me taking out another loan, but I do not want to compromise on safety.
Scooter rides of the world, wake up and smell the fried flesh on the tar just because you are not moving at 150km/h plus does not make you exempt from wearing all the gear all the time! ATGATT. Yes its hot yes you bought a scooter because you pictured yourself riding through fields of daisies on your vintage Vespa. But you stand a chance of more than just wind running through your hair, you might just have tarmac running through your hair, face, arms, legs and ass! You get the picture:
I did around 20km on her today, learnt that 60km/h is an exhilarating experience on a bike, in the open air; I can see why the temptation of wanting to go harder and faster is there. It is a wonderful experience. I stopped off at the petrol station and filled her up for R21.50! She is supposed to get around 120km on her 5 liter tank hehe. The guy at the petrol station laughed at me while filling the tank, I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing but one thing is true, I love my Madass 125.
Please keep posting ! I rather like your little mongrel, I am currently riding my bike without a learners lisence which I don’t like to do but I am going for my learners as soon as I can find a place to take my booking, what is the fine anyway? R1200? :P don’t want one of those but I doubt they will stop me for a fine but rather stop me to look at my precious little devil.

emille said...

HI Weiers

In November I bought myself a scooter (Motomia Cappucino)- as I was living in Sea Point at the time and just needed a bike for 'shorter' distances. Now I have moved to Milnerton (a 8 km commute one way per day)- and want to trade in my scooter for a 'roadbike'- Gomoto would be my first choice but unfortunately I will need to stay with Motomia as they are willing to give me R5 k for my bike (after charging R8,5k for it just 4 months ago!). Their 'version' of the Gomoto is the Mocca ( it looks similar to the Gomoto (more or less). Do you have any knowledge of it- and do you think that I would get added value on a small roadbike for my commute to Milnerton (bigger wheels, .

Thanks for your help.


Weiers said...

Hi Emile.

Sorry for taking so much time to respond and you have certainly bought this bike for yourself. I must be honest that the only thing that attracts me to the motomia is its 14l petrol tank. I ran out of petrol again the other day (because I never take note of how many km's I drive before filling the tank) and would not mind deferring this unpleasant experience by about 200 km's each time :-).

Other than that, my opinion probably does not count, because it is not informed. Except, that when I look at the price range, I am convinced that you will be dealing with almost exactly the same quality of parts and durability. I love the way my bike travels through busy traffic. It is a bit more frightening on an open highway, but I suspect you will avoid that most times anyway.

Please share your experiences with me. I will gladly post them on my blog. Perhaps we could even go on a longer ride together. (I've been meaning to drive out to Francois in Riebeecksvallei for a while now.)