Friday, February 16, 2007

Gomoto Headlight

Brady Kelly writes to me:

Hi Weiers,

I hope your Gomoto is still treating you well, if not costing some in fines.

My headlight bulb has blown both filaments, and all the shops I have tried getting a new one at are only capable of looking at me blankly. Have you replaced yours ever, and what bulb did you use if so?


Brady Kelly

I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps one of the readers know.
I'll also ask at the shop when I take my gomoto in to be fixed.


FRANCOIS said...

Hi Brady,CORRECT Bulbs to buy is as follows 12v 35W/35W halogen of type T19,The suppliers would be able to get them from Motoward(looks like Motoward owes me promotional discounts,hehe).Do hope you get sorted,good luck and enjoy the ride..

Weiers said...

I must say that I feel very positive about Motoward's products and service.

This is where I saw something that could work.

FRANCOIS said...

The description of that headlamp bulb is as follows from Motoward catalog:
(HEADLAMP -1PIN T19) - 12V35/35W H6 P15D-25-1 SUPER BLUE Order No. 48-K2926-H6M .Wiers I used an LED Tail lamp and with all that vibrations, it definately do last,now the lamp socket vibrated loose but luckily there is something called super glue.Looks like Loctite products were invented for Gomoto's ?
Enjoy the ride...