Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Friend's Warning

I received an email from a friend, Brady Kelly, early in January. I have not experienced this as yet. The worst that has happened to me is that the lock-nut that keeps the starter in place vibrated loose. I do think it is worth taking note.

Hi Weiers,

I just thought I’d warn you, although your Gomoto is much older than mine, about a little problem I had yesterday.

In the morning on the way to work, the bike was vibrating quite a bit harsher than before. I asked advice on the BikeSA web site technical forum, and I was advised to check engine and exhaust mountings. When I left work I had a brief look, and found the swing-arm axle bolt had lost its nut and started pulling out!

I bought insulation tape and taped up the end of the bolt to keep it from pulling too fast, and rode home very slowly, stopping to check and tap it in every 100m or so.

I have just found out that this has also happened to another Gomoto owner as well and thought I’d let you know.


Brady Kelly


Brady has subsequently sent me some more information:

I used insulation tape on the thread end of the bolt, to stop it vibrating out, and believe me it moves a lot from vibration. Then I took the main street route home instead of the freeway, so I had the opportunity to stop often and give it a reassuring kick to keep it all the way in. I took it back to the shop the next day where they replaced the nut and checked all the other bolts etc.

I hope your Gomoto is still alright. Mine is still a pleasure now that the little issue is over.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,In connection with the nut that vibrates loose,use a dab of loctite thread locker on the bolt threads and or use a nylock nut to fasten the bolt, possibly allso check the two bolts below that, which fastens the exhaust,i.e. most of the vibration comes fron the exhaust.By the way if your Gomoto feels like if she's slipping on the clutch, in actual fact (trust me on this), check your spark plug gap to be between 0.53 and 0.58 with a feeler gauge, It makes a HUGE IMPROVEMENT on fuel savings and drivability.