Thursday, May 18, 2006

Google found me

Today I'm excited because it would seem that somewhere during the night one of the Google Spiders crawled over my blog and I am immediately placed right with the Gomoto Website in terms of relevance when a search is done for Gomoto.

I did a search for Weiers Coetser, and it is quite disconcerting to see how much information it churns up about my hobbies and interests. Although if you are a computer geek, it also shows my ignorance about things.

The next challenge will be to get into the rankings for anybody who does a search for "125cc motorbike blog"! I suppose that is asking a lot!

But anyway, that is not my reason for being around. What does rankings on Google really have to do with my personal dreams of travel and exploration on a 125cc motorbike, and not just any 125cc motorbike! A Gomoto!

Yesterday and today it has been raining heavily in Cape Town. I've used the bike to drive down to a local school where I teach Afrikaans to a single class of second language learners. Not much to write about.

Perhaps I can spend some time today telling about my experience of the Gomoto itself, the people that I bought it from, how it rides, and possibly where it has taken me allready.


Pa(ul) said...

Hoe kry ek my foto op hierdie venstertjie?

Weiers said...

Dit is 'n bietjie van 'n uitdaging, maar nie onmoontlik nie. Stap een: Begin jou eie web-dagboek op blogger.
Stap twee: Stel jou profiel so op dat dit 'n foto van jouself bevat. Daar is 'n volledige beskrywing oor hoe om dit te doen. Die feit dat my foto nog nie wys nie, kan miskien 'n aanduiding wees dat dit 'n bietjie van 'n gesukkel is, maar dit is definitief nie onmoontlik nie.
Stap Drie: Bogspot sal jou dan toelaat om by jou profiel in te "log" en om terugvoering te gee. Die foto sal dan outomaties wys.

Michelle said...

The more you say, the more Google will love you - so blog excessively! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have answered paul's question. I thinl he wants to put his picture on like Michelle.

Weiers said...

Hmnn, yes. I see that. Michelle has such a pretty picture, doesn't she!? Problem is, I am not sure that Pa(ul) looks nearly as handsome as she.