Friday, May 12, 2006

Trip up Helderberg Mountain

I live in a beautiful part of the country. This week a friend entrusted her camera to me for a few hours. I headed up Helderberg mountain (West Peak). The sticker on the Gomoto Fuel Tank says, for "on-road" use only. I decided to choose the broadest possible definition of "on-road".
I live and work in one of the buildings down there.

Sections of the mountain still have dense Pine forests.

A view over Gordon's bay from halfway up the mountain.

I found these brightly coloured trees in one of the valleys on the way up.
I parked my Gomoto on the top contour and hiked a bit higher up the mountain.

It was a beautiful day after a very cold week-end.


Michelle said...

Nice pics! Especially like the layered effects in the sky... ;) But I guess that comes from using linux.

Weiers said...

I must be honest that I have no idea why the sky "distorted" in that way. I would personally have preferred it to be more realistic. (I just opened the pics in Gthumb Image Editor and re-saved them at 10% quality. This was done in order to reduce their size. The other resize tool that was pointed out to me was a command-line tool, and I do not feel terribly at home on the command line sometimes.)

I cannot remember if I told anybody that I was passionate about Ubuntu Linux! But I am :-).